Jumpsuits are one of my favorite clothing items because they’re easy, one piece, and makes my short lil figure seem taller. I also love the brown-orange hue of this particular jumpsuit because I can wear it in any season.


My whole point when I buy something is that it has to be multi-functional, meaning that I’d like for it to be worn to various occasions. This isn’t the case with everything-I think splurging on a few specialty items is great if it’s within our budgetary means. Nonetheless, every day items have to have a big impact on my closet and how I style outfits if it’s going to make the cut!

I chose white tassel earrings to add a pop of freshness since my outfit was pretty monochromatic. I think that and my white nail polish bring brightness to the look.

(PS-White polish has been my finishing touch lately and I’ve been loving it! It’s perfect for spring and summer and makes any outfit look so put together because of how clean it looks. Try it out and it’ll be your new color this season. Super simple but super effective in transforming your look to extra summery!)

IMGL4908 (1).jpg

Striped items are a great way to add some variance to your look if everything is one color, which in this case it is because of the jumpsuit and shoes. Choose stripes that run vertically to draw more attention to the length than the width of the body. Horizontal stripes aren’t an automatic no-no, but I tend to avoid them because it ends up looking off when I try it on.

Reminder of the day loves-vertical stripes!


It’s a pretty simple outfit, but I truly love every single piece in it, including my Steve Madden Busy sandals. Having a versatile every day shoe is great when you want to double dip. I wear these sandals with nearly every look because it’s the perfect with any color scheme and vibe. It instantly makes a casual look more elevated because of the platform, and it makes a sophisticated more beachy and relaxed.

This shoe is perfect for anyone on the go and can’t be slowed down by their shoes. It is called the Busy heel, after all!

IMGL4905 (1).jpgIMGL4906 (1).jpg

I hope you enjoyed my fave jumpsuit look! I seriously wear this everywhere, from brunch at the Malibu Cafe, a walk down the Redondo Beach Pier, a girl’s night out in the city, or a casual lunch date with my bf. I even wear it to casual lunch meetings in Los Angeles and get so many complements on it!

If you liked the look and want to create a jumpsuit look of your own, you’re in luck. I found a bunch of different styles (not just stripes!) at different price points so it should fit with your budgetary needs. I can’t wait to try out more jumpsuits because they are going to be my go-to for the summer!

Are you a jumpsuit junkie like me? Let’s talk in the comments section!


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