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Christmas Day is next week, which means that you've just enough time to finish up your shopping list. If you're on a budget or are buying gifts for many people this year, this "Under $50" guide will be perfect for you.

Now, let's get to it!

1: Hydroflask

This is the perfect gift for nearly anyone because let's face it...who doesn't need to drink more water??? You can choose from nearly every color out there, and they have a bunch of different straw attachments, too. Choose the color that best fits the person you're shopping for to really tailor it to them!

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2: Electric Kettle

Electric kettles are great to have in places like your room, restroom "bar" set up or hallway so that you can have your morning drink without having to go to your kitchen! I especially love the design of this kettle with the elongated spout and the stainless steel material. If you've got a tea or coffee lover on your shopping list, this is a great gift that will get use every single day!

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3: Picnic Basket

This is a great gift if you've got a couple on your list! It's affordable while being a unique date night idea. You can add different things too like wine and snacks if you're feeling up to it, or leave it blank so that they can go on a little pre-picnic market date and go shopping for ingredients. Either way, whoever you gift this to will be absolutely thrilled!

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4: Essential Oil Diffuser

I absolutely love oil diffusers! I have this one and use it weekly. The wooden design just speaks to me, and it looks so cute on my little night stand. All you do is fill it up with water, drop a couple drops of your favorite essential oils (I love mixing peppermint + eucalyptus), and relax! This one lights up in different colors if you'd like, too.

Shop Essential Oil Diffuser

5: Essential Oils

I love essential oils in my diffuser, but it's even better to just throw in your purse! If you're feeling stressed out throughout the day, it's great to dot a couple drops on your wrist and give yourself a little 5-minute relaxation break. If you know someone has been needing some self care, gift them some essential oils! This pack has a great variety of scents, my favorite being the peppermint. (Click here to check out one of my very first blog posts about the benefits of essential oils!)

Shop Essential Oils

6: Himalayan Salt Lamp

This is such a cool gift idea for anyone who is into cleansing their environment! Himalayan salt lamps are known to cleanse, deodorize, and purify the air. Not to mention, they look pretty cool in a dark room when lit up.

Shop Himalayan Salt Lamp

7: Back Massager

A lot of your friends and family might have jobs where they sit at desks all day, so a back massager would be the perfect remedy for them. They will be thanking you for months to come!

Shop Back Massager

8: Echo Dot

I've had an older generation of the echo dot for a couple years, and love having it as a decor piece but also as a functional device in my room. (Click here to check out one of my very first blog posts featuring the Echo dot.) Your gift recipient will be so excited to have their new "Alexa" or "Echo" to play them the latest tunes, let them know the weather, or tell them random facts and jokes (guilty).

Shop Echo Dot

9: Affordable Jewelry

Victoria Emerson Designs and Baublebar are two of my favorite jewelry brands! (Click here to check out my blog post featuring my first Victoria Emerson wrap bracelets.) Both brands' pieces are more on the glam side, so this will be a great gift for that "extra" person in your life. 😉 There were so many beautiful pieces they released this season, but here are the ones that I loved and thought would transition well from holiday to New Year's and long after!

Shop Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelets & Baublebar Earrings

10: Sunglasses

Last but certainly not least, sunglasses are a great gift that nearly everyone will be able to use! I chose these styles because both guys and ladies can rock them. I also threw in my favorite every day sunnies that I wear with basically everything!

Shop Sunglasses

I hope you enjoyed this guide as much as I had fun creating it! I've linked all of the items below as well for easy shopping, but download the LIKEtoKNOW.it app for an even better shopping experience. Make sure to follow me at “vivianhna” to shop everything I post on Instagram and the blog. If the app isn't your thing, you can always click the "Shop My Style" tab on the main menu or Subscribe, too. Happy shopping, and hope you have a great day!

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