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HAPPY NEW YEAR, gorgeous! Welcome to La Vita Vivi: the life and style blog where I share my favorite fashion and beauty tips with the best people ever, aka you 😉

Everyone tends to focus on throwing away the old when the new year dawns, but what about doing the opposite for a change? Going out and finding the hottest trends is obviously fun, but it almost feels rewarding when you style the pieces you’ve already had in your closet for years in new ways (click here to check out how I styled one of my other neck scarves in my hair).

The inspiration to use this scarf as a belt came so randomly, too! I had completely forgotten about it since it was tucked away in my dresser for so long. When I tossed it onto my bed, it landed on top of my jeans and actually looked really good as a belt. Then, the rest was history. 😉 So, what do y’all think about using scarves as a belt – yay or nay?!

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  1. January 6, 2020 / 8:04 pm

    Beautiful pictures

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