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How have you been??? I'm so excited to be back and sharing some of my favorite everyday goodies with y'all. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I recently MOVED! It's definitely been quite a transition, but I'm ultimately so happy with where we ended up. I'll be sharing more tidbits of everyday life on my Instagram, so make sure to follow me there if you want to stay up-to-date on my everyday life.

Today, I've got some of my absolute essentials that I use almost - if not - every single day and that I think are a must-have for you, too. Plus, all of these items can be found on my new Amazon Storefront since I am now an Amazon Affiliate! My Storefront is a one-stop-shop where you can find all of my current Amazon favorites in separate categories for easy browsing. Being an Amazon Affiliate just means that any time y'all purchase an item that I link through my blog and/or Instagram from Amazon, I receive a small commission from that purchase (which I will be so grateful/do a happy dance for 😉 )!

Ready for my Amazon faves?

Let's go!

1: House Slippers

These things are the best for walking around inside the house, especially if you have hard floors inside your kitchen, bathroom and/or living spaces. They are super comfy and not to mention the cutest slippers ever.

2: Headband

I use the black one every single morning when I'm getting ready to keep my hair away from my face, and actually wear the pink and nude ones in my casual outfits.

3: Essential Oil Diffuser

I've had this oil diffuser for years and absolutely love the style of it. Stay tuned for more inside looks of my home where you can see more of my personal home aesthetic.

4: Ball Of Foot Gel Cushions

These gel cushions are a savior for my day-to-day at work. Even when I'm wearing flats, it still helps since I work in HR at a large resort, and have to walk around the whole campus on some days.

5: Silicon Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

This silicon pad has little grooves in it that helps the soap lather when you swirl the makeup brushes over it. This makes it the easiest and fastest way to get your makeup brushes clean.

6: Velvet Clothes Hangers

I prefer velvet hangers over all the other kinds because the texture grips on to your clothes so they don't slip off.

7: Silk Pillowcases

Y'all know if you've been following me for a bit that I am a huge proponent for silk pillowcases because they are great for preventing wrinkles and hair damage.

*Pro Tip: Change out your pillowcase every day to prevent bacteria building up on your face!

8: Whetstone (Knife Sharpener)

If you've seen my "Amazon" Highlight on Instagram Stories, then you know I love my whetstone to sharpen my chef's knives. It gets the blade super sharp, which actually is safer to cook with than using a dull knife.

9: Electric Whisk

If you've checked out my "Food" Highlight on Instagram Stories, then you've probably seen my electric whisk make an appearance before. It's such a cool little tool that makes it so easy to whip up (pun definitely intended) dressings, sauces and maybe even a yummy Vegan Matcha Latte. 😉

10: Pop Socket

Pop sockets are essential if you're on your constantly (I mean, who isn't?), and it makes it so much for comfortable to hold your phone for longer periods of time.

Thank you so much for reading this post! Again, make sure to follow my Amazon page to see more of my current faves. As always, I've also linked everything mentioned in the post down below and in the "" tab under "SHOP" up in the main menu. You can follow me in the app as well to shop everything I post on Instagram and the blog. Until next time, hope you have the best week!

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