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Festival season is literally around the corner so I wanted to get a music festival inspo post up before Coachella this weekend! This time of year is so exciting and brings back a flood of memories for me. Unfortunately, I will not be attending Coachella this year but I’m happy to share what I would’ve worn!

Last year was my first year attending Coachella and it was one of the most fun and exciting experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I’m not going to lie…I was a little intimidated to commit to a multi-day music festival when I haven’t ever been to one before, plus my friends wanted to go camping instead of getting a hotel room.

While camping at Coachella is definitely not for everyone, I ended up really enjoying my time! I loved living off the bare necessities, getting ready each morning with my besties, and being able to walk straight to the main stages since our camping location was so close. The weather was luckily amazing and not too hot, we ate delicious food (My favorites were the acai bowl for breaky and the lobster rolls!!! YUM!), took tons of cute pictures, and danced the night away to our favorite songs. Even though it might not seem like it through the pretty pictures on this blog, I really don’t need much to be happy. Camping with my friends at Coachella was one of those life moments that reminded me what’s really important in my life: making memories with the people I love most.

Now we all know that part of the Coachella experience is slaying it with your outfits, so when I saw this top at Zara, I knew I HAD to get it and style a look. I’m usually not into brightly-colored tops, but I was drawn to the crochet detailing and rich tones. It’s the perfect statement top that is loud enough so you won’t have to wear a ton of accessories all day. I prefer styling my outfits this way when I’m going to an all-day event like Coachella because it gets so hot and uncomfortable if you layer too much on!

If you’re attending for the first time this year, I am SO excited for you! And if you’re returning, I hope this year brings you new memories that will last you a lifetime. Let me know if you’re attending any music festivals this year, including Stagecoach or any other concerts! I love learning about different events and would love to know where everyone’s going this season!

Have fun & stay safe, babes!






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