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To start off with - how is everyone doing/feeling? Although the pandemic has affected everyone in some way, there is obviously a large spectrum of how everyone is affected on a physical health, mental health and financial level. There are friends and family in the medical field who are in constant danger and fear for their own and family's safety. There are the at-risk individuals, including the elderly, who must now take more serious precautions to stay safe. There are others who have children and need to care for them while still working at their essential businesses. There are students who had a different idea of how their academic year was going to turn out. I personally have been furloughed from my full-time job for the time being, so I have been at home like many people in the hospitality/restaurant, transportation and retail industries. It's just a crazy time to say the least, and with all the uncertainty it can be difficult to always stay calm.

There is also a lot of pressure to come out of this quarantine period a "new-and-improved" version of yourself because of all this "time" you may seem to have now. However, we all know that it's not necessarily the case. Each experience will be different for everyone, so remember to have compassion for yourself while also honoring others' experiences. It's okay not to feel like conquering the world all day every day. But on days that you want to and can, then carpe diem it up and be proud that you did something for yourself that day (while obvi staying safe)!

One sentiment that I've heard in conversations surrounding the topic is that although many of us (myself included) have daydreamed about returning back to "normal life", we may need to accept that life as we know it might not look the same after this is over. That might sound scary, but it's not necessarily all bad. Maybe this time will highlight what is truly important to us, which healthy habits we should continue as a society post-quarantine times, what we actually enjoy doing versus the things that we thought we should be into, the power of collective action...the list goes on and on. Only time will tell, I suppose. 🙏🏻💓

I know this blog is usually geared towards styling, beauty tips and all that fun stuff, so I hope you don't mind this kind of post this week. 😉 However, I will be resuming the normal blog topics starting with the next upcoming post. Thank you for sticking around if you've read this far, and I hope you all continue to stay safe and healthy!

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