What does "La Vita Vivi" mean?

"La Vita Vivi" is an Italian phrase loosely translated to "The Life [of] Vivian". In light of its meaning, this blog features posts and shoppable links regarding choice feminine style, clean beauty, healthy food and coastal living findings from yours truly. I hope you enjoy your time here and leave feeling inspired to live a beautiful life - both inside and out!

I’m From…

Southern California! I love living here and feel so grateful that this is my little hub. I live close to the beach, so I thankfully get to experience the coast every single day. Although I love traveling across the globe, nothing beats home!

I Love…

Beachy socal vibes, burrata + red wine, tea, BravoTV, plants, country music, ranch, Target runs, karaoke nights, traveling, hiking on dirt trails, connecting with others & of course - sharing cute outfits, beauty products and delicious recipes with y'all!

What's Important To Me...

The greatest passions of my life involve uplifting others and helping them realize their inner power. That's why in February 2018, I decided to launch La Vita Vivi to encourage others to live life beautifully and confidently. Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you stick around!

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