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DETAILS: BOOTIES (similar style)


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Hey, babes! Welcome to La Vita Vivi.

It is no secret that Los Angeles experiences warmer winters than a lot of the globe (Can we even call it winter? What are seasons…?). Although seasonal changes are basically nonexistent, within a given day the temperature and conditions can fluctuate. This look is great to wear in the day and it’s so easy to chuck on the coat later to keep you warm. The cap also insulates a lot more heat than you might realize, so you’ll be covered and stylish the entire time. You can also wear this look in the day without the coat and earrings, and add them on when you’re ready to hit the town after work!

I have been loving texturized coats, and this was a steal at Nordstrom Rack. I highly recommend stopping by because you can find so many deals that will genuinely surprise you. I love the quality of Nordstrom items but sometimes my budget just won’t cut it. The Rack is an amazing alternative if you’re looking into more affordable options.

Another great way to save some extra cash is to shop at thrift stores. My ZARA patent leather booties were found at Buffalo Exchange, which allows you to not only buy but also sell vintage items. Guess how much I snagged these for? $12. I am not kidding you…I actually found ZARA booties for less than what a meal would cost from Lemonade. (No shade at Lemonade but you gotta admit that’s kind of amazing.) I also picked up these silver earrings at the same trip. Industrial jewelry like these earrings juxtapose any outfit and take it to an edgier level.

The focal point of the whole look however, is obviously this gorgeous mustard cap. I love how the yellow just pops out against the all black ensemble underneath. Remember when wearing all black, make sure to mix up the textures to create variance. I’ve been obsessed with mustard because it’s an underrated neutral that’s starting to make more of an appearance. Let me know what your favorite statement color is! I hope you’ll join me this year in the journey of building LVV to be an exciting and uplifting community.


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