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One of my favorite light pasta dishes happens to be one that I learned about during college! While dorm hall food isn't necessarily regarded as super delicious or nutritious, there were actually a few items offered during my freshman year that I fell in love with - one of which being this pasta a la checca. Pasta a la checca is a super simple dish that doesn't even require a sauce. All you do is add hot cooked pasta over a light mixture of extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes and garlic. I like to add shavings of parmesan cheese for extra saltiness and basil for freshness. It's incredibly simple, yet you will be so impressed by how flavorful it is. This would also be the quickest but yummiest dinner idea for Valentine's Day!

  • Pasta, extra virgin olive oil, grated garlic, tomatoes, salt
  • Garnishes: parmesan cheese, basil, pepper

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*PS-Pictured below is my side of my freshman dorm room! I shared a double at the time with my roommate until she transferred schools in the winter quarter, so I basically had the room to myself for the majority of the year! I chose to loft my bed and used the bottom portion as an additional "closet/sitting area". For reference, my closet is on the right side of the photo and my desk is on the left. This makes me miss those days!


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