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Coconut oil has slowly but surely become one of the loves of my life. It helps fight bacteria, maintain weight loss, and is even being used to help treat Alzheimer’s Disease to name a few benefits. When reading just those three things, how could you not fall in love with one of nature’s most giving remedies? If that doesn’t convince you, I’ve gathered three of my favorite beauty products that contain this amazing super-ingredient!

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Oil pulling is a natural detoxification procedure, meaning that when the saliva breaks down fatty acids contained in the coconut oil, it releases the oxygen molecule that bonds to the stains in your teeth. After swishing the coconut oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes, the impurities of your mouth will be washed away with the discarded coconut oil. You can look forward to a whiter smile, fresher breath, and healthier gums. CocoWhite, a popular teeth whitening brand, is the company that I purchased from. They offer a couple new options (CocoWhite 2.0 and CocoWhite 2.0 Charcoal) on their website as well, so the packaging will look different from mine, but it still works the same!

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St. Tropica’s Coconut Oil Hair Mask is an amazing treatment if you want to give your hair a moisture boost. The best results happen when you wear the mask overnight, so after applying the warm mask to your dry hair make sure to wear a hair cap and a towel over it to reduce mess.

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NYX Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands because they consistently offer quality cosmetics at a very affordable price. The balm is also offered with Argan Oil, but today we’re focusing on the Coconut Oil version. The balm can be used on your skin, cuticles, and lips. I use it most often as a lip balm and cuticle oil, and it works amazing as both!

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Are you coco for coconut oil like I am? Let me know in the comments section below. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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