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Skincare and foundation application have always been a priority for me since high school. I struggled with texture, cystic breakouts, and hormonal acne. It made walking through the door that much harder, especially in my younger years. As I got more educated on skincare, I came across the Clarisonic face brushes two years ago and within the first week I noticed changes. The vibrations help to cleanse the skin on a deep level, while remaining gentle without tugging. I use it to cleanse my skin with a gentle cleanser in the morning, and with an oil-controlling cleanser at night.

Clarisonic released their foundation brush attachment for $35. I purchased mine through Amazon and got free shipping with Prime. It attaches to all models, mine being the Mia 2.

I absolutely adore this attachment because it makes it effortless to blend my foundation to perfection. It also spreads the product so quickly and evenly that I use the rest of the time that the Clarisonic is on to honestly play around with it because it’s fun. The main benefit and most fascinating quality of this product is that I use way less foundation than when using a Beauty Blender or synthetic foundation brush. How it achieves higher coverage with less product actually blows my mind (?!?!?).

Would you try this foundation brush? What are your favorite tools in your foundation routine? I’d love to know so let me know in the comments section!


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