Finding the right foundation for different needs can help you achieve the best looks! Whether it’s everyday natural or a full coverage beat, it might be helpful to have a couple different formulas in your makeup kit. I’m sharing my top three foundations that serve me well under different circumstances.


My new OBSESSION is the Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum. I kept running into the problem of forcing the full coverage foundation trend onto my face when in every day life, I don’t prefer that look. I actually like the look when my skin looks like my skin, just a little more even.

This serum has one shade, and it’s meant to create a buildable coverage. I find that I need a little less than a pump of this for my entire face, and I blend it in using the Clarisonic Foundation Brush. (Click here to read my post on the Clarisonic Foundation Brush!) If I need more coverage over my dark spots and under eye area, I’ll go in with concealer.


The Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation is my next pick because it has a similar skin-like affect as the Perricone MD serum, but with a little more coverage. The texture is more mousse-like, as opposed to the very runny Perricone MD serum. It comes in 30 shades and blends beautifully.

If you have oily skin like me, make sure to prime your face with an oil-free primer (My fave is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer) and set with a setting spray (My fave is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray) to lock your hard work in.

Shade: Natural Tan


I absolutely LOVE sharing this foundation because of how accessible and affordable it is for nearly everyone. You can pick it up at your local drugstore and don’t have to stress about saving up oodles of paychecks to buy the most expensive foundation out there.

Revlon’s Colorstay Foundation (Click here to read my post on my Drugstore Makeup Favorites!) has been my go-to full coverage foundation since high school. It’s reliable, full coverage, keeps the oil in check, and comes in both combination/oily and dry skin type formulas. This is going to be one of my foundations that I will always love and repurchase for years to come because it’s just easy to get a hold of it. Not that going to Sephora for other foundations is more work, but I feel a little less guilty buying a bottle of Revlon Colorstay as opposed to buying a $50+ foundation every time, you feel me?

Shade: Natural Beige

What are your fave foundations? I’m always eager to find my perfect foundation, so let me know in the comments section what you’re using on your face! It’ll be like a foundation book club where we use products we recommend to each other (lol)!


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