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I’m sure we all have that piece in our closet that we can’t seem to throw away, no matter how “unwearable” or “out there” it might be. And I’m sure we all also struggle with how to look stylish even though we can’t afford to go shopping every week. I constantly run into this dilemma not only for the blog, but in my every day life as well! I try my best to create different content for you all, but I do purchase everything I own, wear and share on the blog. It all adds up and can get pretty costly, so I’m always looking for ways to “level up my look”.

Since comfy sweaters are my go-to and can get boring, I thought adding the “unwearable” sheer top under it would give the look some variance and contrast. It’s a simple but effective “level up” to a standard sweater! Make sure to synch the waist with a metal-tipped belt so you don’t lose that waistline. I stayed pretty neutral with the black cropped denim but brought in the pointed white booties to tie the look back to the white of the sheer button-up.

I bought the sheer button up from a random thrift store in Hollywood years ago, but never actually wore it out. The pattern (this is gonna sound weird) is a teddy bear wearing sunglasses on the center of a dollar bill, and the black and white makes it look very edgy. Although I like having an edgy touch, I struggled with feeling confident that it represented my style. I learned that when you’re styling your outfits and you start to feel stuck, it might be because you’re trying to style yourself in accordance to someone else’s taste.

Starting the blog has enforced in me the importance of being authentic when taking risks. It’s easy and at times can seem better to copy someone else’s style, aesthetic, personality, etc especially in the fashion and beauty blogging space. But taking risks are only worthwhile if it’s the risks that you would take. I know I started talking about style, but I think this could be applied to how we live our lives every day.

Be true to yourself and good things will follow. This doesn’t mean your life will go perfectly, or that everyone is going to like it, or that anyone will care more. Honestly, being true to yourself in any and every capacity teaches you the exact opposite: to care less about what others think and to be at a mental, emotional and spiritual place where you are your biggest supporter/cheerleader/best friend.

What are your favorite ways to instantly level up your style? Share your tips in the comments below!







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Photography: Nichanh Nicole Photography


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