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Hi there! Welcome to La Vita Vivi.

Since I started the blog a couple years ago, quite a few people have asked me what programs/apps I use and some general tips on posting content. I am by no means an expert and still have a long way to go to grow the blog, I wanted to offer my humble tips and tricks in one place for your convenience.

I’m going to show you my entire process - from brainstorming, to taking photos, to writing posts and even how to optimize your posting through other platforms like Pinterest. This is going to be a lengthy one, so grab your favorite drink and let’s get into it! 😉


There are some preliminary steps you should take before your blog can go live.

  1. Gmail: set up

Top Tip: Purchase the website domain first before setting up the email account so you can have the same branding across all platforms (i.e. blog = La Vita Vivi // Instagram = @la.vita.vivi // email =

  1. Trello: project organization via board, list and card creation

Top Tip: Brainstorm blog post ideas; decide which ideas to shoot photos for; keep track of which blog posts have gone live; list back-end administrative tasks; list content posting notes.

Once you have your accounts set up and some blog post ideas ready, you can move on to the next step: Taking Photos.

Taking & Planning Photos

Initially, I saved up for a Canon DSLR camera (~$900) and took my own photos (click here, here, here and here to check some of my first posts out).

Then I met my photographer friend, Nichanh Nicole Photography, and set up a regular shooting schedule with her for weekly blog content. For daily Instagram content, I use my iPhone and an Amazon Bluetooth remote tripod so I can take photos by myself.

  1. CanonEOS Remote (+ Canon DSLR) : upload photos from DSLR camera onto mobile device via Bluetooth
  1. Zenfolio: photographers can share photos on any device
  1. Lightroom: edit, organize, store, and share photos across any device

Top Tip: Use presets to give your content a consistent and stylish look. I purchased a couple presets on Etsy for $5 each.

  1. UNUM: drag and rearrange photos to preplan Instagram feed layout

Now that you’ve taken, received and edited your images, it’s time for the next step: Writing the Posts.

Writing Blog Posts

Once you have the images ready to go, it’s time to work on the written content.

  1. WordPress: write and edit blog posts

Top Tip: I purchased the business account so I can set up online appointments if I need help changing the layout of the site because…coding is hard (lol).

When writing posts, I also use the “Live Editor” option so I can see what the post looks like in real time.

After writing the post, I highly recommend the next step to optimize your posting efforts: Creating Pinterest Pins.

Creating Pinterest Pins

Unlike Instagram and Twitter - which are social media platforms - Pinterest is a search engine just like Google. Instead of your search generating articles like it does for Google, Pinterest generates results in image – or pin – form.

The benefit of creating pins is that if someone is browsing through Pinterest or Google and happens to come across your pin, they can click that image and it takes them directly to your site – aka passive traffic to your blog! This is why it’s so important to create engaging and high quality pins so people will want to click on them.

  1. Pinterest: distribute pins to share blog posts

Top Tip: Find Group Boards based on your niche (i.e. “Fashion Blogger Group Board”; “Everyday Beauty Group Board”; “Healthy Recipes Group Board”) and ask to be a member. Once accepted, you can post pins that that link directly to your blog post so others in the group can share. Make sure to follow the Group Board rules before posting your own pins (example rule: “Must share 5 pins in Group Board before sharing your own pin with group.”)

  1. Canva: create Pinterest pins and pdf documents

Products: Attaching Affiliate Links & Finding New Collaborations

You can apply to be an affiliate of programs such as rewardStyle, styleCollective or Amazon. Once accepted, you gain access to a site that allows you to search product links and widgets (think of widgets like “buttons” i.e. “shop my style” widget (scroll down to see this post’s widget)) to include in your blog posts and Instagram captions. Because you gain commission every time someone purchases an item you linked, attaching affiliate links to blog posts and Instagram captions is the main way to make money on a blog.

  1. rewardStyle (+ find product links to attach to blog posts and Instagram

Top Tip: You have to apply and get approved to get accepted by rS, so have a website with a few blog posts published on there already to increase your chances of acceptance. I waited 4 months until I felt comfortable to apply.

Need help finding new products to review? Apply for programs like Influenster to get connected with various companies and campaigns.

  1. Influenster: product discovery and reviews platform

Click here if you want to learn more about Influenster and getting free products!

Posting Order

  1. WordPress: publish blog posts
  2. Tailwind: Pinterest and Instagram scheduler that allows you to share pins at pre-set times

Top Tip: Create Pinterest Category Boards based on the categories you have in your site (i.e. La Vita Vivi =Style, Beauty, Food and Lifestyle).

Create a separate Blog Board just for pins that link directly to your site.

Share Pinterest Group Board pins in the Category Group Boards you created so your Blog Board is not cluttered with non-blog content.

Most importantly – share your pin in your own Blog Board so viewers can access all of your posts in one easy place.

Tailwind is great in that it's not just an Instagram and Pinterest scheduler. Just like how Group Boards work in Pinterest, you can apply for Tailwind Tribes to do the same thing but in Tailwind. Share pins in the Tribe before uploading your own pins to the Tribe so others can share your content. Apply to Tribes that match your blog categories, and share the Tribe pins in your same Category Boards that you shared the Pinterest Group Board pins in.

  1. Instagram: share posts to feed and stories

4. Facebook: share blog and Instagram posts in group pages based on niche

white tee | similar fringe jeans

General Tips

  1. Consistency is key! Set up a posting schedule and stick to it! (Mine: 1/day=Instagram; 1/week=blog)
  2. Respond back to your emails and comments as best as you can.
  3. Have back up blog post ideas ready so you feel prepared.
  4. Remember, when you're first starting out – it’s just a blog. It's supposed to be fun!

I hope this guide was helpful for some of you! Please let me know if you have any more questions or want me to go more in depth into a specific part. If you’re interested in what I’m wearing in the post, I've linked all the outfit details below for easy shopping, but download the app for an even better shopping experience. Make sure to follow me at “vivianhna” to shop everything I post on Instagram and the blog. If the app isn't your thing, you can always click the "Shop My Style" tab on the main menu or Subscribe, too. Thanks so much for reading this far, and wishing you the best of luck if you're starting your own blog! 🥰

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine and belong to

Photography: Nichanh Nicole Photography


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