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As fall is quickly approaching, I love cooking up some warmer recipes to create some cozy vibes in the house. One quick and easy dinner that will be the PERFECT transition into fall are these low-carb taco boats! This time, I used the Beyond Meat Ground in the Fiesty version to give the dish an extra boost right off the bat. As you can see in the photos, I mix some salsa into the ground crumbles for some extra moisture before stuffing the mixture into halved and cored baby bell peppers.

I cooked this up in my air fryer (375 degrees / 10 min) and added the cheese the last couple minutes so it can get all melty and gooey without burning. You can definitely cook this for less time if you want the peppers to retain more crunch. Keep in mind the Beyond Meat comes frozen, so just make sure the mixture is hot all the way through before serving.

The combination of sweet bell peppers with savory and slightly spicy filling is so delicious! You can swap out the cheese for a non-dairy substitute to make the dish vegan-friendly, but I added a Mexican cheese blend on top for some extra richness. I also garnished each pepper with one tiny dice of avocado, dollop of sour cream and a piece of green onion. You don't have to be this dainty of course, but I love making things look pretty before eating them. And it was more like I devoured/inhaled them because they were so good! I really hope you give this one a try and let me know what you think!

  • halved + cored baby bell peppers, meat ground or plant-based meat substitute crumbles, salsa, cheese
  • optional toppings: avocado, sour cream, green onion

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