BEEF BOURGUIGNON (French Beef & Red Wine Stew)

BEEF BOURGUIGNON (French Beef & Red Wine Stew)

Christmas is right around the corner and menu planning is on full speed in our home. One of my favorite winter dishes is Beef Bourguignon, a French beef and red wine stew. It is very similar to Coq Au Vin, which is the same dish essentially except made with chicken. Beef Bourguignon was popularized by Julia Child, the American cooking teacher who brought French cuisine to the American household.

The dish is fairly simple to make once you have your ingredients, or "mise en place" (everything in its place), prepped. It's just a matter of searing ingredients, adding stock and red wine, and braising (sear first then cooking in liquid) in the oven until the beef is fork-tender. It's one of my favorite dishes to make around the holidays because it is so impressive but no one will no that you didn't slave away in the kitchen for it.

To see more of this recipe: save the downloadable card below, click here for the Instagram reel, click here for the TikTok, and click here for the Youtube Short.

What do you think of this recipe, and would you make this at home? Let's talk below in the comments section!

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