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This week is Valentine’s Day week, a time where the world focuses on loving your significant other. What about the relationship we hold with ourselves, and our self worth? We all struggle with negative body image issues at some point in our lives, am I right? It’s an unfortunate but real by-product of the society we live in. Although I’m not anywhere near where I want to be, I wanted to share some tips and insights that have helped me in my journey towards a healthier and more positive body image.


Pick one or two physical features that you love about yourself, even if they don’t seem super noticeable. Learn to truly love and appreciate those two features, and find specific reasons why you love them. For example, mine are my collar bone because it makes me feel feminine, and my lips because they’re a good size for my face.

Chances are there are so many lovable traits that you’re ignoring right now because of your perspective. Having positive body image doesn’t come all of a sudden. It takes practice, diligence and constant repetition. So start right now by finding two traits you love about yourself and specific reasons why. Go!


Once you found your two traits, think of ways you can make them the focal point of your next look. Show them off, whatever they may be, and let them shine!

Is it your shoulders? Add a touch of highlighter on them the next time you wear a sleeveless top to make them glow. Is it your legs? Let them strut in a flattering A-line skirt or skinny jeans. Give yourself the opportunity to feel proud of your body, and you will start to find more and even deeper reasons why you love yourself. You will realize there are more traits to you than just your physicality that make you attractive and healthy, but starting somewhere gets it going. The ways I accentuate my favorite features are to add highlighter to my collar bones, and wear super-shiny gloss to accentuate my lips. What are some ways you can highlight your favorite features?


If you think living a healthier lifestyle will help you with your body image, you must first determine your why-power. Why-power focuses on the specific motivations behind whatever it is you want to do. Sitting down and being real with yourself about why you want to get healthier can help you unearth some deeper and more pressing issues that need more attention.

If this post impacted you on any level, consider sharing this with a friend. You never know what someone needs to hear, and maybe this can help. Let me know if you like these kinds of topics and I’d be more than glad to indulge!


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