Life update: Wes proposed this weekend!

But surprise: We're already married...?!

Wes and I have been doing things a bit out of order, so I'm excited to finally update you all. We've been legally married for a couple years and I just changed my last name, so I am now officially Vivian Son! We've had the ring ready for a bit and have decided to celebrate this year, so here's more details on everything:

Wes came home on Saturday after getting a haircut (already suspicious) and asked if I wanted to go on a hike the next day (super suspicious!). On Sunday, I really started to get excited though as we drove past the Santa Monica Pier into Pacific Palisades. He drove in to the Temescal Canyon Trail parking lot and I immediately couldn't believe how beautiful it was. I wasn't expecting it to look so mountainous because it's right by the beach, but the marine layer added to the slight moody and epic feeling that was brewing in the background. It was sprinkling lightly by the time we parked but nothing we couldn't manage, so we made our way towards the trail entrance and started walking.

The trail was very muddy and slippery from the recent weeks of rain but it was gorgeous. It seemed like I stopped every two seconds to take snaps of an arched tree or a patch of flowers. At a certain point, we discovered a meadow that felt like one of those fairy princess fields that you read about in a childhood fantasy novel. It was a circular clearing with trees lining the perimeter, and the rain drops that landed on the tall blades of grass glistened like diamonds (wink wink) as we walked by. It was so magical honestly that I was just happy to be there.

We eventually reached a fork in the trail that was separated by three steams of water. We saw a couple hikers trudge their way through the water, so we waited until they left and then Wes gave me this look that I knew meant IT'S HAPPENING NOW. He said this small speech that I can't completely remember because I blacked out a little bit, but I do remember that he got emotional while speaking. Then he got DOWN ON ONE KNEE and popped the question. The moment really felt like the perfect representation of us, and I'll never forget it because he was so sincere. We made our way home and then had sushi for dinner afterwards - the perfect nightcap to the best day.

And there you have it - that's basically our story! There are obviously more details but maybe I'll save that for a Youtube video later on, so make sure to subscribe to my channel and stay tuned. In the meantime, click here and scroll down to the "Wes" section to see more of our early days. Thank you so much to everyone who has wished us well also. We are definitely feeling the love and appreciate everyone's support.

Now that you know the update, I can also share that more fun things are coming your way - including a new BRIDAL SERIES! I will be sharing our event plans, bridal wear, general tips, and more since we are not having a traditional wedding. I am also working with one of my favorite small businesses throughout the year involving some gorgeous bridal jewelry. I hope this series will be helpful if you are also interested in doing things a bit differently, or at the very least entertaining if you're curious! This year has so many exciting things in store, and I can't wait to share them with you. Make sure to follow my content creation pages below for more fun content from these wedding events!

To see more: click here for the photos, click here for the Instagram reel, click here and click here for the TikToks, click here and click here for the Youtube Shorts, and click here for the Youtube video.

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What do you think of engagements, weddings, etc.? Let's talk below in the comments section!

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