Everything I Ate At Fable & Spirit in Newport Beach, CA

Everything I Ate At Fable & Spirit in Newport Beach, CA

This post is a little different than my usual style or recipe inspiration, as it's sharing everything I ate at Fable & Spirit.

Fable & Spirit is located within the Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach, CA. Lido Marina Village is one of Orange County's premier locations for casually chic dining and shopping right along the California coast. Fable & Spirit is listed in the Michelin Guide and has won many awards and recognitions for its California cuisine with a slight Irish twist. I went to lunch at there this weekend with a friend and wanted to share the dishes we tried since we loved everything.

*Orange Wine - I might be converted to an orange wine drinker now! The waitress described it as having a slight orange Capri Sun flavor and I would definitely agree with her assessment. It's very light in flavor but the orange comes through in the aftertaste. My friend ordered the still rose and it was also delicious.
*Hamachi Crudo - My was my favorite dish! I love a good crudo because it is so fresh and texturally amazing. The vegetables cut in different shapes was a fun way to present the dish, and the mango puree was the perfect sweet note against the fish.
*Shrimp Avocado Toast - The pesto oil made this fish sing! I love any variation of an avocado toast, and shrimp just put this over the top.
*Caesar Salad - This was a lighter version with sunflower seeds and a lighter dressing, but the parmesan cheese and homemade croutons gave this dish its signature richness.
*Shakshuka - This had an Indian flare to it with the spices, which was such a great combination! Tikka masala curry is tomato based anyways, so I should have thought of this duo sooner but am so glad I tried it here with the eggs cooked in the middle.
*Naan Bread - This bread was so steamy and fluffy. It was the perfect accompaniment to the Indian-inspired shashuka.
*Chocolate Dessert - The brûléed banana with the chocolate cream was the best bit of this dessert. The flavors were classic but presented in a modern and beautiful way.
*Bread Pudding - This was my favorite dessert of the day! It was served warm with a tart blueberry sauce to cut the richness - the perfect way to end the meal.

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