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I have fond memories of cooking as a child, especially making food with my hands. Every new year and summer we made homemade potstickers, or “mandu” in Korean, and on Labor Day weekend we would make spring rolls with fresh vegetables. This recipe was inspired by my favorite toppings back then and current flavors I love now.

Making the rolls is a total sensory, engaging and interactive experience. Not to mention the taste, textures, and nutritional value are amazing. Best of all, it’s a personalized dish because each person can put whatever they want into their own roll. These vegan spring rolls are the perfect food to make on a family game night or for a dinner party with friends.

I had to include an image of the trial rolls that didn’t make the cut. Admittedly, getting the spring rolls tight enough took a little bit of practice. After a couple more tries and a stroke of confidence, I promise you that yours will turn out just as great!


Let me know what your favorite food memories are, who you were with, and what you made! I’d love to know what everyone else grew up eating.

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