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I've got this super easy, simple, yet delicious and healthy recipe for y'all today! I usually gravitate towards Mediterranean flavors because they're so fresh and vibrant. It's the perfect flavor profile for a light yet filling lunch.

I picked up the tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, Greek Feta, parsley and pita bread from the local Torrance Farmer's Market (every Tuesday and Saturday; 8am-1pm). While shopping at commercial supermarket chains is convenient, they tend to hold produce that might be a couple days to a week old, and often shipped from miles away.

I love visiting farmer's markets because it's a fun alternative to regular grocery shopping where you can get super fresh and local produce. It's very affordable to shop locally, and supporting these small farmers enriches the local economy. You are also allowing yourself to eat seasonally, which means you are getting produce that naturally grows during that season. Lighter fruits and vegetables are grown in Spring and Summer, and heartier ones are grown in Fall and Winter. Eating in season is more nutritious, flavorful and better for the environment since shipping and transportation emissions is greatly decreased.

My favorite part about farmer's markets is that they are very social in nature, and the people working the stands are usually very knowledgable about the produce they're offering. You can feel their love for their products, and you can learn a lot from them since they have so much passion for their business! Do you like visiting farmer's markets? If so, what's your go-to stand? Mine is the Alikis Mediterranean stand.

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