Memorial Day weekend is here, ya’ll!

When I think of Memorial Day weekend, I immediately think of an annual trip my family took for years down at Welk Resorts San Diego. We went with five other families who we grew up with and it was always the best time. We would swim all day; eat a bunch of burgers, hotdogs and late night snacks; stay up for hours watching movies; and talk all night in our shared rooms. It was the ultimate weekend that felt like a long sleepover with my childhood friends!


Memorial Day weekend is also the weekend to wear white! (Click here to check out another white outfit!) I am really into this monochromatic look because the striped dress draws all the attention with the pattern (similar styles here, here, here and here). If you’re wearing one color, try to style items that have different textures and/or patterns to break up the look and avoid it looking too monotonous!

White accessories will enhance the all-white look like these pumps by Jessica Simpson (similar styles here, here, and here) and tassel earrings. I picked up the tassel earrings from Buffalo Exchange, which is a great store where you can sell and purchase vintage clothing items. (Click here, here and here to check out more looks with items from Buffalo Exchange!)

I also wanted to show the look with a little pop of color with these handmade red tassel earrings that I picked up from Chiang Mai, Thailand (Click here to read about my post-college graduation Asia trip!). They definitely become the focal point of the entire outfit and transforms it into something you can go out and dance in!


Small little purses like this mini crossbody bag by Michael Kors are my go-to lately! I used to carry huge purses but it just got way too clunky and heavy. I end up carrying just what I need in these mini purses, which helps me to de-clutter. Even if it’s a small gesture, it helps me focus less on what I’m bringing and more on just having a great time wherever I’m going!


I hope you all have a fun and eventful Memorial Day weekend! Do you have any plans?! Is it barbecuing with family, pool parties with your closest friends, or maybe a staycation to a nearby resort? I’ll be working a wedding this weekend, then maybe I’ll do something spontaneous! Do you have any recommendations? 😉

Let’s talk in the comments section down below!



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