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First of all - how are you doing? I know this year, the holidays are going to look different for a lot of us. This can be either stressful or maybe even liberating for some, depending on the circumstance and situation. Nonetheless, one task that has not escaped us is crossing off our holiday gift shopping lists for our loved ones.

To help take the hassle out of coming up with gift ideas and then actually researching which items you should purchase, I created an #lvvholidaygiftguide just for you! There will actually be FOUR gift guides that I will be sharing by the time Christmas arrives, so I hope you're ready for the first one - which goes out to all the homebodies! I know so many of us - myself included - have experienced staying home a lot more than usual this year and have become somewhat of homebodies ourselves. All of these items are tried, tested and loved by your's truly - and I know your homebody will appreciate them, too.

As always, all the widgets (product photos) linked throughout the post are shoppable, so feel free to click away and start your holiday shopping with me. There is no cost to you whatsoever to shop through my links; I just receive a small commission if you do end up purchasing - which I will be so grateful for! 😉

Now without further ado - are you ready? Let's go!

1: House Slippers

House slippers are an absolute must in my opinion if you live in a space that has hardwood floors. When we first moved into our new place, I didn't realize that my feet would actually become a little sore at the end of the day from not being used to the floors. I wear these fluffy fleece slippers literally at all times when I'm inside the apartment, and the Ugg slippers are my go-to when I'm running errands. Your homebody will be so appreciative for these functional but stylish slippers.

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2: Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are the perfect way to wind down after a long day. The wooden style is great for a more natural feel, and the white diffuser would be great in a cleaner environment like a kitchen or bathroom.

Shop Essential Oil Diffusers

3: OXO Storage Containers

It seemed that while everyone was at home, pantry organization became a huge trend - one that I am not complaining about whatsoever! These OXO Storage Containers keep foods fresh for longer and makes it incredibly easy to stay organized.

Shop OXO Storage Containers

4: Weighted Blanket

If you have someone in your life who needs to relieve stress, a weighted blanket may be the perfect gift for them this holiday season. The added weight creates a feeling of heaviness that helps create a sense of calm. I use mine almost every single night!

Shop Weighted Blankets

5: Blanket Ladder

This is one of my favorite accessories for the home because it is both stylish and functional at the same time! While we use this primarily as a blanket ladder in the living room area, we also use it as a "coat rack" as well from time to time. I've even seen it being used as a towel rack for bathrooms, too.

Shop My Fave Blanket Ladder

6: Samsung Frame TV

Now this is definitely the priciest item on the list, but the Frame TV is an amazing gift if your homebody wants something that is sleek and doesn't look like a tv. You can purchase inexpensive artwork from Etsy (I purchased this watercolor forest print recently for the holidays), or download your own artwork and/or pictures to display on the screen. It actually looks incredible in person, especially when you enable the Art Mode where it adjusts the screen brightness depending on how bright the room currently is, making the tv screen appear even more as a piece of artwork.

Shop Samsung Frame TV

7: Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum

The Dyson V8 Vacuum will be one of the best gifts that you give this season - trust me. It's cordless, lightweight, and comes with multiple heads that enable this device to be used on both carpet and hardwood. I will say that since the battery life is 40 minutes-1 hour on this device, it is probably best suited for smaller homes or apartments. For larger homes or more heavy duty cleaning, I recommend the Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner. I absolutely adore Dyson vacuums and highly recommend them to anyone on the hunt for one!

Shop Dyson Vacuums

8: Decorative Leather Poof

Leather poofs are great as a decorative yet functional piece to add in any room. They can serve as an "ottoman", foot rest, extra seat, coffee table...you name it! They are so stylish and will instantly bring those beloved Moroccan vibes into any space. Note: I chose this leather poof and stuffed it with old towels and blankets for my own home because it was the most economical option for me; many of the other models are pre-stuffed but are much more expensive.

Shop My Fave Leather Poof

9: Yeti Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are a great way to promote staying healthy and drinking enough water each day. I love this one from Yeti that I got a few months ago with the straw attachment since I find I drink way more when out of a straw. These are so durable and insulate the temperature of the liquid inside, which make them a win-win!

Shop Yeti Reusable Water Bottle

10: Macrame Wall Decor

Last but certainly not least, gift your homebody a lovely macrame wall art piece this holiday season. Macrame art is so stylish and can elevate any room from a standard area into a gorgeous and inviting living space.

Shop Macrame Wall Decor

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