*Disclaimer: Reposting this old photo from a random date night at the Redondo Beach Pier since we don't have a current one where we both look decent (lol) + wanted to get the post up in time for today. The Pier is one of our favorite spots because it's so close-by, and it's one of the first places we ever went together and continue to go for spontaneous dates. Although I do miss going out, I'm excited we're celebrating our anniversary at home this year!

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Hey there, cuties! Welcome to La Vita Vivi.

Hope you're having a great day today! This day is a really special day for me personally because it's me & Wes' (my boyfriend) 6-year anniversary today (click here to see some photos of us as little high school youngins)! Since we've been under quarantine orders for so long, I thought it'd be fun to share 6 at-home date ideas. All of these ideas would also be great for a fun night with friends or family, too! This is just a list of some of our favorite things to do together + some new ones that we're excited to try, so feel free to take any as inspiration to have a fun night at home with your loved ones.

Ready? Here we go!

3 that we love

Movie/Show Night

*Our Faves: Community, Avatar: The Last Air Bender, Friends, Your Name, Spirited Away

*Click here to for my thoughts on the TV show: Community

Cooking Dinner Together

*Our Faves: bone-in ribeye steak (This became a tradition during our 5th anniversary. We were watching so many at-home steak cooking videos that we decided to try one for ourselves. To this day we still say the first one we made was the best - I personally attest it to the fact that we were so nervous to mess it up that we spent so much time on each step to make sure it came out right. And boyyyy did it 🤤), bruschetta, garlic rice w/ spicy sausage, panko-breaded shrimp w/ lemon-garlic aioli

*We also love doing a combination of the first 2 in a "loosely-themed night" sort of thing, so for example we'll watch Hercules (Disney version) + eat Greek food (we love ordering the lamb kabob plate + extra garlic sauce from Aristo Cafe, one of our favorite local Mediterranean spots) or watch any of the studio Ghibli films + eat sushi!

Video Game Night

*Our Faves: Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, God Of War, The Last Of Us, A Plague Tale: Innocence

*I'll actually play the Nintendo Switch games with him, but admittedly I'm not a huge gamer. Sometimes, I just watch him play the PS4 games like I'm watching a movie while he's playing. The last 3 games are very story-driven, interesting and dramatic, making them so fun to watch! My favorite is God Of War because it's based on greek mythology, which I love!

3 we want to try

Balcony Picnic

*Our Faves: Greek Tomato Salad, Tomato-Artichoke Pasta, Everyday Smoothie

Book Club

*Our Faves: Harry Potter, Game of Thrones

Karaoke Night

*Viv's Faves: "Blue Bayou" by Linda Rondstadt, "Taking Chances" by Celine Dion, "Jesus Take The Wheel" by Carrie Underwood, "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson

*Wes' Faves: "My Way" by Frank Sinatra, "Honesty" by Billy Joel, "Just The Way You Are" by Billy Joel, "Creep" by Radiohead, "In The End" by Linkin Park

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