My childhood comfort food is strangely - or maybe not tell me - caesar salad. I remember running errands with my mom on the weekends sometimes and if we ended up at a California Pizza Kitchen for lunch, then I would always get a kid's menu caesar salad. I loved the pungent and creamy dressing and of course, the Parmesan cheese. Plus, CPK's version used to serve Goldfish crackers on top as well for garnish and I thought that was so cute.

When I was recreating my perfect caesar dressing, I wanted to include all of my favorite ingredients in the ratios that I always wished they would come: lots of garlic, cheese, and anchovy in a thick and creamy base. I added poached shrimp to mimic my childhood memory of eating the Goldfish on top, but this salad is delicious with nearly any protein or by itself as a lighter option.

To see more of this recipe: save the downloadable card below, click here for the Instagram reel, click here for the TikTok, and click here for the Youtube Short.

What do you think of this recipe, and would you make this at home? What's your childhood comfort food? Let's talk below in the comments section!

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