Honestly, I get so excited to put on a cute outfit and eat some yummy food on a Saturday afternoon. I mean, who doesn’t nowadays?? Ever since brunch has become a weekly occurrence, styling something fashionable but also functional is super important.

These pants are amazing if you’re a shorter girl like me! Uniqlo has been my go-to for great basics like this wide leg pant. (Click here to check out another look with these cuties!)

The high-waist gives you the illusion of longer legs because it brings the waistline higher. The wide leg makes it super breathable and flowy, too!

If you don’t want to commit to the wide-leg, try high-waisted kick flare jeans instead. They offer the same effect of longer legs while emulating that flowier vibe with the flared bottoms. It’s also going to hug your figure more, so it’ll tighten the look rather than having the bottoms flow out. (Click here and here for options.)


I picked up this Brandy Melville bodysuit at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica while I was shopping with my sister. I think the white is a great pop of freshness that also neutralizes the yellow and blue colors. It ties the entire look together and is perfect for spring!

The only difficult thing about wearing this shirt is that you have to wear no bra or nip-stick’s. I always use the reusable gel petals from Windsor because they’re affordable and easily accessible. You can see the outline of the petals under the bodysuit since it’s skin-tight, so keep this in mind if you’re going somewhere that requires you to be mindful of your girlies. I just wanted to point that out there just in case this is an issue for any of you!


Because the yellow and blue in the look were already catching my eye, I decided to keep the shoes neutral with my trusty Steve Madden Fame heels. When I say these are a staple, I really do mean it. (Click here and here and here to check out more looks with these faves!) The lower heel allows you to strut in them all day without completely obliterating your feet.

For me, a heel is absolutely necessary with a high-waisted pant because it drives home the illusion of longer legs and overall taller height. If a thin heel is too hard to walk in for you, try wedges! Neutral wedges like thisthis and this will be a great fit for this look because it stays low-key while offering you more support.

This cap is one of my favorite accessories, and I hope it becomes your’s, too! Hats are a great way to remedy any bad hair day, or to elevate a simple look into something more interesting.

This yellow cap is from Urban Outfitters and I got it in a medium. (Click here to check out another look with this beauty!) I felt that the small was constricting my hair way too much, and since I have a lot of volume anyways I opted for the larger size.


Last but not least, I finished the look with these 14th & Union mini gold hoops that I picked up from my local Nordstrom Rack. I’m usually not an accessory-heavy person (unless it’s the point of the look), so I chose these earrings because they’re a level up from the normal studs that I wear every day. Nordstrom Rack always has the best earrings, so go on a shopping/brunch date this weekend and I’m sure you’ll find some cute options!

Now I’d love to know-Where are your favorite brunch spots? Mine are french bistros Creme de la Crepe in Redondo Beach and Yellow Vase in Palos Verdes. I hope you liked the look and are now inspired to go to brunch with your friends this weekend. Let’s talk in the comments!


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